Solutions for Long-Term Care Planning


Below are some of the most popular solutions being utilized today!  Please click on the links below to view a video on the specific solutions, and if appropriate, share the link with your clients and prospects.  We look forward to discussing your clients' LTC Planning needs and customizing solutions to meet those needs.

OneAmerica AssetCare Solutions

For clients concerned about Healthcare In Retirement, OneAmerica Care Solutions offers guarantees that traditional long-term care insurance simply cannot.  Many of those traditional products have experienced significant product changes in the past few years, along with unexpected premium increases and even carriers leaving the market altogether.  Through it all OneAmerica's AssetCare has continued to provide your clients with LTC benefits built on a solid life insurance chassis to guarantee:

  • Premiums never increase
  • LTC benefits never decrease
  • Cash value growth
  • The option to select a Lifetime Benefit
  • Death benefits are available if not used for LTC
  • The option to have your premium returned

Nationwide CareMatters

Nationwide CareMatters II is a "hybrid" solution that provides LTC coverage along with a death benefit that ensures your client's premium won't be lost should they never need care.  The brief video below will explain how Nationwide CareMatters II was designed to offer your clients familiarity, choice and flexibility as you help them prepare for the future and address Healthcare In Retirement.


Lincoln Financial MoneyGuard III

Help protect your clients' assets from long-term care (LTC) expenses with a solution that gives them options.  MoneyGuard III is a hybrid LTC funding solution that provides benefits to reimburse LTC expenses that also provides flexible premium payment options to fit your clients' financial needs. 

Global Atlantic ForeCare

Seven in ten Americans age 65 and over will need some form of long-term care due to illness, injury or physical or mental disability. Long-term care (LTC) is assistance received at home or in a nursing facility, for those who can no longer perform simple tasks of daily living.  You can help your clients plan now with a strategy powered by Global Atlantic’s ForeCare – a fixed annuity with many LTC benefits. Learn more by watching our short, informative video…

Mutual of Omaha MutualCare Secure

Secure Solution is a traditional long-term care policy that allows people to plan ahead for their long-term care needs. By adding this measure of security to their retirement portfolio, they know that a portion of their long-term care expenses will be covered. MutualCare® Secure.  It may be appropriate for: 

  • Customers who are looking for easy-to-understand benefits and the security of knowing they have some measure of asset protection.
  • Advisors who like a product with a simple design and traditional benefits.

OneAmerica AnnuityCare Solutions

Make sure your clients’ nonqualified annuities are aligned with their goals!  The Pension Protection Act (PPA) allows for income tax-free withdrawals from specially designed nonqualified annuities to fund LTC expenses, regardless of cost basis. This allows clients to protect their retirement by guaranteeing funds are available for qualified LTC expenses. By exchanging a current annuity for an annuity that qualifies for the PPA advantages, your clients can be matched with a vehicle that can meet their needs while providing a tax advantage. Of course, before any annuity exchange is made, all factors should be weighed to verify the
client’s best interest.

Securian SecureCare

SecureCare is a permanent life insurance policy providing cash indemnity benefits for long-term care (LTC) that can protect a client's family and assets in the event of a LTC need.  This solution may be appropriate for those with a desire to protect their assets from the rising costs of LTC, with life insurance protection, flexibility, and guarantees for the future.  View which states SecureCare is currently available in these states.

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