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This section highlights some of the the books and publications on the topics we discuss frequently, either in print and on the web.  We hope you find the information useful for yourself or the clients you advise.

'"What's The Deal With Long-Term Care?"    By Mike Padawer

With a “retirement boom” to continue for the next 20 years, planning for those retirement years is critically important; and there may be no greater threat to a comfortable retirement than the need for Long-Term Care.  Nearly 70% of Americans over age 65 will need some form of Long-Term Care as they age, yet studies show fewer than 10% of Americans have completed any Long-Term Care Planning whatsoever.  It's more important than ever for Americans to consider their future Long-Term Care needs.





Research & White Papers


As the advisory community continues to stress the importance of planning for Healthcare In Retirement and Long-Term Care, the "source material" for our recommendation is often requested.  As such, we have compiled various research and white papers, often referred to in our work, to help you better understand the macro viewpoints we try to condense for you and your clients on this website. 

Legg Mason created “Aging and its Financial Implications: Planning for Housing” in collaboration with The Center for Innovative Care in Aging at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing to bring perspective, research, and practical insights to assist Consumers and Advisors with the challenges of aging. This document is based on third-party data, as well as input from our skilled partners at Johns Hopkins. 

According to BlackRock, financial advisors should work with clients to manage Healthcare In Retirement, as it can be the biggest risk to their retirement security.  They also indicate many investors aren’t focused on it: Less than half said they were worried about health costs, the same study found.  That disconnect means many people planning for retirement need to better understand Medicare, out-of-pocket health costs and the impact of potential Long-Term Care expenses.

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