Wendy Wise:  The Adult Child Concerned About Aging Parents

There was a time when the American family had two, three, or even four generations living under one roof or in the same neighborhood. However, that support system is now an uncommon theme as children grow up, go off to college, or move around the country, and a lack of planning when parents are leads to family strife and crisis.


This case study examines the family dynamic where the child takes the initiative to ensure parents can age gracefully and maintain independence.....

  • Wendy grew up in a middle-class area outside of Indianapolis, went to Standford on a scholarship, and accepted a job out of college with a startup in Silicon Valley.
  • She's now 45 and financially secure after the startup had an IPO, and she has liquidated a portion of her company stock & options for safety and diversification.
  • Her parents, Walter & Wanda, are 70 years old with some health concerns.
  • They rely on Social Security to maintain their modest lifestyle.
  • Walter & Wendy could not afford a significant need for home health care or assisted living and would likely qualify for Medicaid for facility-based care.
  • Wendy is concerned and wants them to have the option to "age in place".
  • They complete HALO Assessments that project the couple has an 8-year, $7,000 per month combined need for care and Longevity, likely well into their nineties.


Which LTC Planning solution would you recommend to Wendy to ensure Mom and Dad can Age In Place



And....Does your current LTC wholesaling resource provide a presentation tool like this?

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