Planning for Healthcare In Retirement

& Long-Term Care has never been more important than it is today!!  


Given the ongoing demographic shift taking place in the United States, consumers of all ages are looking to their advisors to help them begin the planning process.


As an advisor, you likely understand the importance of your clients planning for Healthcare In Retirement and their future Long-Term Care needs.   However, you may find it difficult to bridge the gap between your advisory role and addressing the unique nature of this specialized area of planning.


INERTIA understands the needs of today's

advisor and we are ready to help YOU!


Our strategists have a proven system of working advisors and their clients to design and implement Long-Term Care planning solutions.  Regardless of your advisory role, we will work with you to help you shift the potentially catastrophic risks associated with Healthcare In Retirement and Long-Term Care, away from clients and their families; ensuring multi-generational financial security and enhanced client relationships.

"How can financial advisors possibly fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to clients today without an intimate knowledge of the health aspects impacting both their physical and financial lives?”

Dr. Joseph Coughlin

Executive Director, Massachusetts

Institute of Technology - AgeLab

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