The Long-Term Care Plan Design Process


You can find many wholesalers of Long-Term Care (LTC) Planning solutions to send you quotes and introduce the Long-Term Care Planning topic to clients.  However, INERTIA isn't in the quote business; we're in the LTC PLANNING business, which requires a process like this:  A Repeatable Process Will Bring Clarity To Necessary Planning.


Part of that process includes using an LTC Planning Assessment form to (1) quantify (project) a client's LTC needs, (2) qualify their health for underwriting, and specify the way(s) the plan will be funded to (3) determine which planning solutions to consider.  To begin working on a case, please download, complete, and send us the form below, or you can use the Calendly link below to schedule a meeting to begin navigating the LTC Planning process for your clients.

LTC Planning Assessment.pdf
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