Life has unexpected events, that’s why it’s critical to consider potential health risks when developing a financial plan.  Your clients' health and wealth are closely knit together in planning, and you should consider  the following questions:


What is a client's projected longevity, and what factors impact that longevity?


What are their projected health risks, and how do I quantify them for planning?


How much could healthcare cost my clients that’s excluded by Medicare?


What are their options for paying for health care? 


How HALO can help?

Genivity created HALO, their Health Analysis & Longevity Optimizer to help your clients plan for their most active and healthy years in retirement.  The HALO will project their care needs for extended care excluded by Medicare, including duration and type/location of care, and provide an estimate for total out-of-pocket care costs throughout their lifespan and during their different life stages.  Find out what impact could their health, and associated healthcare expenses, by clicking on the "Take the HALO Assessment" icon above to create a HALO report for yourself.....

Get Started!!

What impact could their health, and associated healthcare expenses, have on your clients' financial, retirement and estate planning?  Guide them through the HALO assessment to help you determine future health care costs.




After completing the assessment, please contact us with questions about the results or to begin discussions about solutions to meet your clients' Long-Term Care Planning needs.

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