Frequently Asked Questions


What is Long-Term Care?


Long-Term Care includes a variety of services that help meet both the medical and non-medical needs of those with a chronic illness or disability who are unable to perform various activities of daily living.   Long-Term Care can be provided at home, in the community, in assisted living facilities, or in a nursing home facility.   While Long-Term Care may be needed by people of any age, it is typically a need as individuals age.


What is Long-Term Care Planning?


Long-Term Care Planning is a component of a risk management, financial, estate or retirement plan which helps address the costs associated with future Long-Term Care needs.


Why should someone have a Long-Term Care Plan?


Simply put, health insurance and Medicare do not cover Long-Term Care expenses associated with chronic or age-related illnesses.   Depending on the extent of care required, the need for Long Term Care services can have a significant physical, emotional and financial impact on the lives of those receiving care.  A Long-Term Care Plan can help mitigate the impact of needing care.


What types of advisors does INERTIA work with?


We use the term "advisor" to mean anyone who engages clients in any form of risk management, financial, estate, or retirement planning.   To determine how we might customize our approach for you, please click HERE.


Is INERTIA a wholesaler of Long-Term Care Planning solutions?


Yes, however, our specialization in the Long-Term Care Planning space allows us to be far more effective than the typical IMO or BGA.  Our "Concierge Service Levels" allow us to work with advisors as business partners or specialists throughout the process.  This helps them complete in-depth planning to recommend, underwrite, and implement the most appropriate insurance solutions.


Why do advisors partner with INERTIA?


Successful advisors have a core competency, and Long-Term Care Planning is a topic that touches on a variety of issues facing their clients.   Most advisors understand Long-Term Care Planning at a macro level and from their individual perspective.  However, when it comes to incorporating Long-Term Care Planning into other planning in place or being considered, advisors are much like primary care physicians.   They can diagnose the illness or disease; however, when the illness or disease is serious or requires additional consultation, a specialist is utilized.....INERTIA is that specialist.  


What up with the name "INERTIA"?


According to Isaac Newton, the law of inertia states that it is the tendency of an object to resist a change in motion, and an object will stay at rest or stay in motion unless acted on by an external force. Advisors work with us to be that external force, as we help alter the course of their practice by including Long-Term Care Planning in the mix.

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