Our Concierge Service Levels

INERTIA is a boutique firm 100% focused on Long-Term Care (LTC) Planning and Solutions.  While most financial product marketing organizations are built vertically with product "silos", our firm is constructed horizontally -  across the solution spectrum - and our LTC Planning Strategists understand the planning process in the context of your advisory role.  


Ultimately, the relationship will be based on your LTC Planning comfort level and an understanding that YOU drive our collaboration.  Multiple areas of customization are the key to meeting your expectations, and we roll out the red carpet for each of the following “concierge” service levels.


1.  Wholesaling Partnership

There is certainly no shortage of insurance marketing organizations today.  However, having products isn't the same as having solutions, and INERTIA offers a unique value proposition as a "boutique" firm focused exclusively on LTC Planning.  We're often asked who our "competition" is in this arena, and we're confident you'll feel as we do already.....With our approach to LTC Planning and the way we work with advisors, no one does what we do or the way we do it. 


Bring us a case and give us the opportunity to prove it!!


2.  Revenue Sharing Partnership 

Many advisors want or need to make LTC Planning part of the practice; however, it's often easier said than done.  In this situation, advisors often choose to become revenue-sharing partners.  Under this arrangement, an LTC Strategist will work with you and your clients throughout the process to design, present, underwrite, and implement a client’s plan.  The revenue-sharing arrangement will be agreed upon for each individual case based on the requested engagement level of the INERTIA strategist.  You're always in control and directing the team's efforts along the way.



3.  Referral Partnership

When insurance solutions are needed or recommended for LTC Planning, it can be challenging for those with fee-only, fee-based, or advice-only relationships to complete the planning process.  If this scenario applies to you, our consumer-facing organization CAREfidence will work with your clients to explain and complete the planning process, allowing you to maintain your advisory role and avoid any potential conflicts related to product sales, insurance revenue generation, or commissions.



We look forward to working with you to address your clients' Long-Term Care

Planning needs at the service level best suited for you and your organization.

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