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Perhaps the best way to convey the importance of Healthcare In Retirement and Long-Term Care Planning is through the thoughts and experiences of others. Please click on the links below to view REAL LIFE examples on Long-Term Care Planning & Solutions.....

Asset-Based Long-Term Care Planning


Using asset-based solutions can be an effective way to create a plan to provide benefits for Long-Term Care (LTC) expenses. It's a win-win situation to mitiage the risk with an insurance company.

Dementia Can Be A Huge Financial Hit


Dementia left Terry Berry bankrupt.....The former elder care nurse, diagnosed at age 56 with frontotemporal dementia, lost her job, which ultimately led to her financial demise.

The Realities of Healthcare In Retirement


A.M. Best Company TV discusses the topic of healthcare in retirement with executives from Nationwide Financial and Genworth.  Recent studies find that the number of affluent pre-retirees that said they were "terrified" about paying for health care in retirement. 

Suze Orman on Long-Term Care Planning


Suze shares her personal experience of expensive around the clock care she funds for her mother. Suze suggests implementing a Long-Term Care Plan in your late 50s, but only if you're sure you'll be able to afford it 20 years down the road.

Morgan Fairchild:  Baby Boomers In America


Morgan Fairchild is host of "Baby Boomers In America", which explores the challenges and opportunities our vast baby boomer population encounters.  During this episods, she interviews Bill Jones, president of MedAmerica Insurance Company, and discusses the risk of needing long term care and the high cost of that care.

A Window Into the Daily Struggles of Long-Term Care


Like two-thirds of Americans, those who develop Alzheimer's disease have usually done very little to plan for their Long-Term Care.  More than five million Americans now suffer from the disease and related dementias. Barring a breakthrough, the figure could triple by 2050.

A Burden Relieved.....


Months after his 65th birthday, Joe Mollicone suffered a stroke that left him partially paralyzed and unable to speak. Joe's insurance starting paying and was enough to cover his home-care needs. Joe eventually reached his policy payout limit but continued to receive benefits because of his policy's shared-care rider allowing him to tap into his wife Theresa's benefits. Because of the couple's wise planning, Joe received the care he needed and most of their retirement savings were preserved.

Kiplnger's:  How Much Long-Term Care Coverage?


As adult Americans we often wonder what the future hold for us. Yet with so many conflicting priorities to address today, it's easy to put off thinking about planning for our own future needs.   The purpose of this video is to help raise awareness of this important issue and serves as a catalyst to start planning for your families future long-term care needs today.



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