Myth #7


"My clients don't need a Long-Term Care Plan; they have family who will care for them"



Fact:  The reality is that Long-Term Care (LTC) impacts not only the individual who needs care but also the entire family — across generations.  Family members who provide care without being paid are the most common source of LTC help in the U.S. today.  Typically, the women of the family — wives, sisters, daughters — step into caregiving roles, often making great personal sacrifices to take on the extra responsibilities.  But they might not be able to meet every need and be available every hour of the day.

Anyone who is considering caring for or receiving care from a family member should thoughtfully consider these questions:
•  Would you really want to care for the family member?
•  Would you trust a family member to provide care for you?
•  Are you physically and mentally capable of caring for each other? 
•  Is caregiving what you really want for each other for your future?


LTC situations can take a heavy emotional and financial toll on even the closest, strongest families. With the extra help of LTC protection, a family member can enjoy independence longer without sacrificing comfort or having to feel like a burden to others.  



With a LTC Plan, a family member can enjoy independence longer without sacrificing comfort or having to feel like a burden to others.

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