Myth #6


"A Long-Term Care Plan only pays for nursing home care"



Fact:  Today's LTC plans are designed to help people get the type of care they want — when, where and how they want it. LTC protection provides many options in a range of medical, personal and social services in a variety of settings — home, community, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities.

More than 80 percent of all care is provided outside a Nursing Home setting or is provided from unpaid family caregivers. Many others receive care in a community setting, and not in skilled nursing facilities.  LTC benefits help expand healthcare choices so people can receive services when, where and how they are most wanted or needed.

Selecting and receiving the desired care can require thought and preparation. Adults should consider where they’ll want to live as they age and whether their current residence can meet their changing needs or be modified to do so. LTC protection can be used to help people remain comfortably at home longer and avoid the necessity of a nursing home.

As needs become more pronounced, LTC protection provides access to the full spectrum — from adult day care to home health care visits to assisted living. Coverage also includes a bed reservation benefit to “hold your spot” in a facility if you require hospitalization. LTC benefits can provide for caregiver training, care coordination, respite care and even hospice care in end-of-life situations.

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