Myth #3


"Only old people need Long-Term Care services"



Fact:  Among adults age 65 and older, about 70 percent need some kind of help with the basic activities of daily living for weeks, months or even years as they age.

It’s wise to implement a LTC Plan well before it's needed for two primary reasons: Cost and Need


Potentially lower costs
By implementing a LTC Plan at a younger age, plan costs will be lower.  At the same time, getting the lowest plan cost is easier at a younger age, when health risks are fewer.  By contrast, waiting may mean potentially higher plan cost, needing more protection or risking being declined for coverage.


Consider the need
Even adults who aren’t elderly may need a little extra assistance from day to day. This can be due to an illness, injury, chronic condition or disability. Help also may be required due to aging-related declines in eyesight, hearing, strength, balance and/or mobility.

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