The Baby Boomer Buildout


It's a fact that the “Baby Boomer” generation helped the United States grow to become the world’s largest economy, as we built hospitals to birth them, schools to educate them, and suburbs to house them.  Clearly, this demographic group continues to profoundly impact nearly every aspect of our country.   


Today, we're faced with a cresting demographic wave of Americans who will soon need care as they age and in greater numbers than ever before.  Those who understand the trend are already addressing this scenario, but if you’re not paying attention, you're missing a building boom underway around the nation to address one simple and easy-to-understand reality…..The Baby Boomers are getting older!!   


If you take a short drive in any direction from where you live, you'll find numerous new "senior living" facilities opening or under construction, with even more in the planning stages.  Here's a small sampling of the new facilities recently built or being built near me.....



Given their location, these facilities will attract sophisticated residents, with high standards and high expectations.  In other words, these facilities will not look like “institutional” settings. How many new senior living centers do you pass every day?  How many more are being planned where you live?  What does this mean for you and why should it matter?   


Pragmatically, it means that it’s time to begin addressing topics you've likely ignored for yourself or your (aging) parents and recognize that:

  • You should be very concerned about Healthcare In Retirement
  • The majority of Americans will need Long-Term Care during retirement, and these facilities are reminders.
  • Dealing with your loved ones or parents, you understand how little Medicare covers Long-Term Care and why Medicaid may not be a very good option.

The information below helps paint an even more detailed picture of the future of Healthcare In Retirement.   Let's start with a Kaiser Family Foundation statistic which indicates that 69% of all nursing home facilities in the United States are “For Profit” centers.  Then, intertwine that statistic with the occupancy rates in various states (data below), accounting for the growth in the new number of new facilities being built or developed around the country.


This confluence of significant factors – based on simple economic principles – supports only two conclusions: 


1)  These new, desirable "high-end" facilities will cater to those with the ability to pay for their care by either "self-funding” with their own assets or using a Long-Term Care Plan.


2)  ​There should be no expectation that “Medicaid Beds” will be available at an artificially low, government reimbursement rate.  


When you take an honest look at the future of Healthcare In Retirement, you may see a big problem that needs attention.  Now it's time to turn to an expert on Healthcare In Retirement or Long-Term Care planning, someone with the resources to address your needs and concerns, who will have answers to The Baby Boomer Buildout!! 

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