Healthcare Costs In Retirement


As most Americans approach retirement, all too often the discussion of healthcare is “The Missing Piece” of their planning.   Maintaining one's current lifestyle when they retire may be difficult without addressing the rising cost of health care and the likelihood of needing Long-Term Care. It is essential to plan for these costs, in order to mitigate the risks and uncertainties which may become magnified, including:

  • Uncertain and increasing health care costs
  • The possibility of outliving savings
  • Potentially having less money to leave to loved ones

Proper planning for a comprehensive host of needs in the retirement years will help ensure a better financial future for you or your clients and their family, and the information below should help you better understand what lies ahead.   The challenges of health care costs, Medicare and Long-Term Care are just some of the topics covered....Please contact us if you would like a print or electronic copy.

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