Our resources should help you begin the process of understanding your Long-Term Care (LTC) planning needs.  When you're ready to proceed, please approach your advisors for guidance.   If you don't have an advisor familiar with LTC planning, please contact us and we can recommend one.


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A comprehensive financial plan should include a LTC component - It's that simple!! Whatever form that plan takes, it should help mitigate the risks associated with the unexpected and high costs of nursing home care, home health care, and numerous other items not covered by health insurance or Medicare.  


Recent surveys reveal Americans understand the implications of not implementing a LTC plan.   However, very few take the initiative to include LTC Planning to address this issue in their financial, retirement, estate or risk management planning.


A report, released by the LIFE Foundation, a nonprofit consumer education company, shows 71 percent of respondents believe 50 to 80 percent of adults 65 and older will need LTC services at some point.  However, just 8 million Americans have a LTC plan, even though 100 million are older than 50.

Americans are just starting to understand that they will likely need LTC and its impact is significant.  Even worse, the vast majority are unprepared for that eventuality, so planning ahead is one of the best ways to guarantee that you'll get the care you need, if or when you're no longer able to care for yourself.

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Most Americans already have significant financial responsibilities, and resist the idea of paying for or implementing a LTC plan.  However, we encourage you to include this topic as a component of a comprehensive financial plan, regardless of your age.   


While the majority of those implementing LTC planning are between the ages of 55 and 65, we recommend people begin the process a plan in their 40's or 50's so it will be most affordable.  Especially when approximately 40% of all Americans receiving LTC services are under age 65 and these expenses are not covered by health insurance.   


For those at or near retirement, or even those with health concerns, LTC Planning may not be as expensive as you might think.  In fact, much of the planning we do with advisors and their clients simply reallocates existing savings & assets, or upgrades existing insurance or annuity portfolios.


There are also a variety of ways to implement a LTC plan, so it’s time to begin doing your research, and then work with a professional who can explain the various options.   Once your LTC plan is implemented, it should ultimately compliment the other retirement, financial, estate and risk management planning you're considering or which you’ve already completed.  



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