Underwriting A Long-Term Care Plan 


One of the obvious challenges of Long-Term Care (LTC) Planning can be taking your clients through the underwriting process.  Regardless of the insurance solution is selected, your client will need a "thumbs up" from the insurance carrier before a plan can be implemented.  That means any discussion about LTC will eventually have to include a review of a client's current health and health history.  Additionally, underwriting requirements for LTC will be determined by the actual insurance solution under consideration.  


This doesn't mean you need a Ph.D. in biology but you may have to become comfortable asking clients some tough medical questions.  Our suggestion is that you simply download the Medical Questionnaire below, put it in front of your clients, and ask your clients to complete the form. 


For even more effective underwriting outcomes, consider forwarding the form to us for a review.  If there's further info needed or complicated medical issues necessary to assess, we can help you work through the process to reach the best possible outcome.


Don't look at underwriting as an obstacle, just consider it part of the process and know that INERTIA is here to help..... 

Initial LTC Planning Questionnaire.pdf
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