Long-Term Care Plan Underwriting 


One of the challenging aspects of Long-Term Care (LTC) Planning can be the qualification for eventual insurance solutions.  


Essentially, your client needs a "thumbs up" from an insurance carrier before a plan can be implemented.  That means that any thorough discussion about LTC should address your clients' current health and health history.  Making the situation even more difficult is the reality that underwriting for LTC can be different than underwriting for other types of insurance or the addition of underwriting to solution which usually require none.


So, regardless of the LTC plan design, many advisors end up in an uncomfortable place.....asking clients tough medical questions.


Hopefully, you will utilize the Medical Questionnaire below and simply ask your clients to complete the form and forward it to us for review.  If there's further info or medical issues to address, allow us to help you work through the process to reach the best possible outcome.


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