Long-Term Care:  Training & Continuing Education


INERTIA welcomes the opportunity to become your primary source for corporate training and development for Long-Term Care Planning concepts and solutions! 


While many insurance carriers provide "product training", it's usually limited to the solutions they offer. So, in reality, that means there is no single insurance carrier offering ALL of the available Long-Term Care Planning options, and unfortunately, even the training offered will focus on the product; not the process or the actual Long-Term Care planning.  


With the evolution of financial and risk management planning, your firm needs specialized or customized training options on this topic.....Perhaps it's time for a more comprehensive approach to effectively train your firm's advisors and we look forward to providing just that!!   Below are some of the courses and services we offer:


Corporate Training & Continuing Education:

Our programs focus on a variety of topics and applicable solutions, including:

  • Strategic and tactical marketing of Long-Term Care planning.
  • Focusing on the planning & process vs. a product sale.
  • In-depth discussion of the various planning solutions.
  • Effective methods for presenting clients with plan design options.
  • Incorporating Long-Term Care planning into a client's existing/proposed comprehensive planning.
  • Industry trends and maximizing client relationships.
  • Developing "Centers of Influence" for Long-Term Care Planning.


Development & Consulting Services:

If your institution is in the process of determining how to build or expand your Long-Term Care solutions offerings, our consulting services may be able to help you identify.....

  • Carriers/solutions to compliment your platform.
  • Opportunities to maximize revenue.
  • Gaps in your platform which should be addressed.
  • Industry trends that may affect your long-term goals.
  • Ways to streamline back-office & compliance functions.



Please contact us to discuss your firm's training needs and our availability on your training calendar. 





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