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for Long-Term Care


Consumers and advisors understand the importance of planning for retirement and the impact of longevity for that planning.  Unfortunately, far too few actually address Healthcare In Retirement and Long-Term Care (LTC); even though BOTH can impact a financial plan in a similar way to longevity. 


Then there is consistent survey data - this one from Lincoln Financial Group - indicates less than 50% of consumers have discussed LTC planning with their advisor, and less than 30% of all those individuals have implemented a planning solution to mitigate the risk associated with future LTC needs. 


Now, lets's wrap these stats into the thread of the "fiduciary" standard drumbeat of the past few years to as a very simple question:  Can anyone be a "fiduciary" if they ignore Healthcare In Retirement and LTC in a financial plan?   Based on the data below, the short answer is "NO"......With further analysis, it becomes clear the advisory community should seriously consider expanding their discussions about LTC Planning solutions with clients.  



Making mattes worse, 55% of advisors are not having appropriate or meaningful discussions about this topic with consumers.  Again, how many of these advisors are "fiduciaries"??.......



Based on this recent Linocln data, many advisors have a long way to go before they can confidentlyly say they've addressed tHealthcare and LTC sufficiently with clients.....If you want to better understand of the topic today, and how to position LTC Planning for your clients, we encourage you to review the following items:


Managing Long-Term Care Spending Risks in Retirement


Long-Term Care Risk - Survey Results from Consumers & Advisors


Once you've done so, consider setting an appointment with one of our LTC Planning Strategists and we can help you to begin identifying clients and prospects who should consider LTC Planning.


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