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Helpful Apps for Financial Planning

We recommend these iPad apps so you'll have helpful facts and figures on the go.

Ash Brokerage - LTC Cost of Care


Long-term care costs are constantly rising, along with the odds of needing care as your clients age. To better understand the risks, this tool uses today's average cost of care to project the expenses your clients could face if, or when, they need care in the future.

John Hancock - Cost of Care Calculator


The John Hancock Cost of Care Calculator iPad app provides a convenient way to view the average current local costs for Long-Term Care in various settings and cities across the country, while also offering the ability to estimate future care needs and the potential costs that could be incurred on an inflation-adjusted basis.

Pacific Life - LifeConnect


This application is brought to you by Pacific Life.  It is intended to be used only by Life Insurance Producers appointed to do business with Pacific Life.  Provided within the application is access to several secure life insurance producer websites. 

LIFE Foundation Needs Calculator


How much life insurance do clients need?   Stop wondering..... fill in some basic financial information, and this calculator will provide a general sense of life insurance needs.   Keep in mind that everyone’s situation is unique, and the amount of life insurance needed depends on a number of variables.  This App was created by the nonprofit LIFE Foundation to help consumers make more informed life insurance decisions, and does not endorse a specific product or company.

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