Creating The "25 Hour Day" 


Your business is like a puzzle....You keep moving the pieces around in the hope of seeing the big picture, but the clock is constantly your enemy.   Even great time management will only take you so far, and a partnership with INERTIA could be the equivalent of creating a "25 Hour Day". 


Have you considered why Long-Term Care planning isn't a consistent discussion you have with clients?   Most likely, reason #1 is that you and/or your institution don't have the TIME to do it.   Perhaps the biggest value proposition of the INERTIA partnership is the ability to create more TIME when viewed in the context of your overall revenue.  By leveraging our Long-Term Care planning expertise, you can create significant new revenue opportunities which equate to adding a 25th hour to every workday!!   


INERTIA works with our advisor partners to maximize their success to implement Long-Term Care plans for their clients; without the need to invest their own valuable TIME to do so.  


Quite simply, we can do the "heavy lifting" and eliminate your need to.....


  • Become proficient in understanding how, when and where Long-Term Care is provided for your clients and their families, and articulate these concepts to clients.


  • Learn about Medicare, Medicaid, Long-Term Care Partnership Plans, etc. and why your clients should implement a customized Long-Term Care plan.


  • Explain to clients how Long-Term Care planning compliments their risk management and financial planning already in place or under consideration.


  • Spend countless hours developing relationships with solution providers, to ensure you have the appropriate resources to implement a Long-Term Care plan for your clients.


  • Become an expert in underwriting and plan design, so you know which solution(s) will work most effectively for your clients.


  • Hire additional staff to manage the increased workload.


  • Create strategic and tactical marketing plans to identify clients who should consider Long-Term Care planning.


With INERTIA as a business partner, Long-Term Care planning can become an important part of your business mix; deepening client relationships and growing an already successful business.   


Turn our time into YOUR TIME to create an extra hour every day!!

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