Case Study #1:  Sally Saver, "The Retired Widow"


Long-Term Care Planning for women is very important, and for those who are single, widowed or divorced it's even more of a concern.   When we look at scenarios for women in this situation, we often find that children and extended family are no longer living nearby and women like Sally lack a support system if Long-Term Care is needed. 


In this case study, we make the following planning assumptions:

  • Sally is 60 years old and has approximately $750,000 in assets
  • Social security and a pension generate the income to maintain her lifestyle.
  • Long-Term Care "Plan" - She maintains $200,000 in Low-Risk, Low-Yield deposit accounts.
  • These "legacy" assets would pass to her grandchildren if care is never required.


If Sally was your client, which of the scenarios would better address her LTC Planning needs?

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