INERTIA's Mission Statement


INERTIA believes that a need for Long-Term Care – in whatever form it takes – is an involuntary risk all Amercans face.  This risk can decimate an investment, financial, retirement or estate plan AND take away one's independence. 


Our partners rely on our Long-Term Care planning & solutions to help transfer that risk away from their clients and clients' families.  INERTIA works with our partners to deepen client relationships, clarify long-term client goals and provide their clients with multi-generational financial security. 


Our unique approach is highlighted by three key factors:


  • Vision
    Long-Term Care planning is not a product, it’s a process. The educated, pro-active advisor will see the value proposition of a consultative approach to a Long-Term Care plan and its implementation.


  • Solutions
    With the client as an active participant in the planning process, we can deliver customized solutions, to meet their needs in the context of their overall financial plan.


  • Thinking Out-Side The Box
    Recognizing that every client is unique, some solutions may require advanced concepts or multiple solutions to achieve the desired results, and we will embrace every option.

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