In 2011,  INERTIA / Advisor Services Group was formed because we looked at the marketplace and recognized a simple truth:   The financial services industry has totally missed the mark with respect to Long-Term Care (LTC) Planning!!  


This is not due to a lack of carriers or planning solutions; but rather the industry’s inability to provide clients with a process-oriented approach to incorporate LTC Planning into other financial, retirement, estate or risk management planning they’re already doing.  As 10,000 “Baby Boomers” turn 65 everyday, there’s a tremendous opportunity for the right financial services professional to join our team and change the “inertia” of their career!  


INERTIA  is not a broker or a wholesaler of LTC planning solutions.  Instead our goal is to partner with advisors - across the financial services spectrum - to become the “advisor’s advisor” for LTC Planning; and we do so using a revenue sharing business model.


The Shifting Attitude Towards Long-Term Care Planning


  • 70% of Americans over age 65 will require some form of LTC as they age, yet less than 10% of have done any LTC Planning whatsoever.


  • Medicare/Obamacare offers little or no coverage for LTC and Medicaid is essentially a welfare program.  Making matters worse is that all of these government programs are/were never designed for the 76 Million boomers about to enter the system. 


  • LTC Insurance (LTCi) was once the only option for implementing a LTC Plan, however with the evolution of financial planning there are numerous ways to more efficiently and effectively implement a LTC Plan today. 


  • The Advisory community is not prepared to discuss Healthcare in retirement or LTC Planning and they NEED your help.  As advisors focus on their core competency more than ever before, there’s just not enough time to become proficient enough to make LTC Planning part of their practice.


The INERTIA Opportunity


  • We have created a turn-key approach to working with advisors and you will learn to use our systems to maximize your existing relationships quickly.  There are two ways we work with advisors.....The first, and most impactful, is via our revenue sharing model.  In this model, you will be the focal point of the planning process with the advisor and his/her client.  The second is via a traditional wholesaling model selling solutions through the various contracts INERTIA has with insurance carriers.


  • The goal of each of our LTC Planning Strategist is to engage advisors; cultivating a loyal partnership with advisors who want to include LTC Planning in their practice.  Thus, the more advisor relationships you have, the higher the revenue opportunity will be!! 


  • What types of advisors can you work?  Currently we’re focusing on independent advisors; including financial advisors, CPAs, Estate Planning, Benefit Specialists, etc.  We have a relationship with one national Broker/Dealer with others being considered in the future.


  • While this will be an independent contractor position to start, our objective is to begin moving toward a statutory employee structure (benefits, 401(k), etc.) in the future. 



  • 7+ years of financial services experience, preferably working closely with advisors and/or retail clients
  • Professional designations preferred
  • Independent thinker, able/willing to adapt to an ever-changing environment
  • Desire for a mid to high six-figure income and willing to work to achieve it.  
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