The INERTIA "Partnership"


INERTIA works with advisors across the financial services spectrum, so you can "partner" with us to do the heavy lifting once you decide to make Long-Term Care planning part of your business mix.  Since our focus is solely Long-Term Care Planning & Solutions, we provide the expertise to help you focus on the planning and NOT products.  This helps you address the larger topic of Healthcare In Retirement so it can easily be incorporated in your clients' comprehensive financial, retirement or estate planning.   


As such, we strive to provide resources that allow your clients to be an active participants in the process, in order to help you find the most appropriate insurance solution to meet their needs.


The INERTIA "Partnership" means we can.....


  • Work together to indentify clients in need of Long-Term Care Planning.
  • Complete all of the prep work prior to meeting with clients.
  • Provide total Point-of-Sale expertise, including fact finding, client presentations, needs analysis and field underwriting.
  • Evaluate your clients' options and recommend appropriate plan designs.
  • Implement your clients' Long-Term Care Planning solution(s) and manage the entire process.


INERTIA is committed to maximizing Long-Term Care Planning

engagement by the financial advisory community with today's consumer.


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