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The INERTIA "Partnership"


INERTIA works with ALL types of advisors!!  Once an advisors chooses to make Long-Term Care planning part of their business mix, they "partner" with us to do the heavy lifting.  By having only one focus - Long-Term Care Planning & Solutions - we change the dynamic for today's advisor.

Additionally, Long-Term Care Planning should NOT be based simply on products or plan costs.   It should be part of a comprehensive approach to planning; with clients as active participants in the process to find appropriate solution to meet their needs.


The INERTIA "Partnership" means we.....


  • Work together to indentify clients in need of Long-Term Care Planning.
  • Complete all of the prep work prior to meeting with clients.
  • Provide total Point-of-Sale expertise, including fact finding, client presentations, needs analysis and field underwriting.
  • Evaluate your clients' options and recommend appropriate plan designs.
  • Implement your clients' Long-Term Care Planning solution(s) and manage the entire process.


INERTIA is committed to changing how Long-Term

Care solutions are provided to today's financial

services professional and how those solutions

are implemented for their clients.





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